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Accelerate your Business Growth in 6 months

Are you facing such difficulties in your business?

Lack of Growth

Cash Flow challenges

Day to Day firefighting


Retaining key employees

Month to month survival

Building teams in all departments

Program duration

6 weeks

Date & Timings

Starting 25th March, 2023
Every Saturday - 5.00 pm to 6.30 pm

Payment Details

₹19,999/- per person for 6 weeks

Business Growth Accelerator

This is an intensive 6 months program wherein I will be hand holding and implementing growth strategies for your business. I will be working with a small group of people so that I can give personalized attention and strategies. There will be in-depth assessments and analysis of your business, so that we can make the required corrections towards growth. This is a business MBA customized for your business. This program ensures results and high level of accountability as this is a journey to guaranteed success.


Program Duration

6 months


Zoom Meetings

Meeting Time

Every Tuesday
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


Program Duration

6 months, Twice a month


Sayaji Hotel, Raipur

Meeting Time

7:30 am - 10:30 am


business strategy

Marketing Mastery

Sales Mastery

Cash flow management

Team Mastery

Business Mastery

Akhill Maediratta,
Business Coach

Meet Akhill Maediratta,
Business Coach

My name is Akhill Maediratta, Business Growth Coach and a 4th generation entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience in building and scaling businesses in different industries.

I work with business owners to scale their business by more than 100% with the help of business strategies and auto pilot management systems so that they can achieve financial and time freedom.

With an experience of 18 years in running my own manufacturing units, I provide expertise in Sales and Marketing (with my MBA in 2004 from FORE School of Management), Operation Automation (running 2 manufacturing units successfully), R&D (Got awarded by TATA in 2019) and Finance (author of the book ‘Cash Flow Secrets).

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