Business Growth Assessment

Get a Business Plan to grow your business exponentially

Take the 10-minute assessment, and you’ll get a FREE, customized plan to grow your business exponentially


Your business has 6 areas to grow : 

Once you know which 6 areas
you need to fix in your business,
thats when the real journey to success begins !!!


Learn how to attract high ticket clients towards you with the best marketing message and strategies.


Stop selling and start serving !! You will learn how to close every prospect that comes your way without selling to them. 

Cash Flow

Learn how to build a cash rich business and get rid of month to month survival challenges.


Run your Operations on Auto Pilot with systems, SOPs and Review structure in place.

Team Building

Learn how to build a high performance team and then retain your key talent where they grow with you.


Run your business and let is grow without your day to day involvement. 

Your report will tell you
where your business is today
where you need to go and how to get there.

Simple 3 step process

Take the 10-minute assessment, and you’ll get a FREE, customized plan on how to grow your business exponentially.

1. Complete the assessment

The assessment will take you 10 minutes to complete.

2. Get your report

You’ll receive a grade for each of the six parts of your business.

3. Start your journey to grow your business

In addition to your customized report, you’ll receive a plan with next steps so that you can immediately take action to grow your business.

” I have found the right direction to scale my business by 100% with a simple plan. This has helped me to save on time by avoiding trial and error.”

– Abhishek Sood, Business Owner

Your Business Plan :

The first step to correction is always to reflect and check with is working and what is not working.

A report will be sent to you when you complete the assessment. You can use the report to take the right action in the right direction.

In 6 easy steps you can master your business growth and continue to grow your business for years to come.

At Business Growth Consultancy, we handhold business owners to implement the best system and strategies to grow their business by more than 100% year on year.

How the Assessment Works